Colourful Design & Illustration by Josep Prat Sorolla

We have some bright and colourful design for you this afternoon courtesy of 24 year old, Barcelona-born Josep Prat Sorolla. During his Media studies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) as well as his postgraduate course in Applied Illustration, Josep really began to develop his career as a visual artist. His creations explore all kind of fields, from illustration for advertising, bands and the fashion industry to audiovisual projects such as video clips, fashion films and motion graphics.

His artistic style is generally inspired by the idea of the 80s’ universe and aesthetics, although he is always striving to incorporate new inspirations to keep his creativity fresh and original. Surrealism is an evident influence in many of Josep’s pieces, like Dalí or Magritte; he often merges this with the style of retro-futurists’ compositions of many artists in the 80s.

The bright colours and the combination of patterns and textures are common resources in his creations, bringing Josep’s work close to the pop iconology. He also tends to play with geometric elements as opposed to organic and softer surfaces.

Josep Prat Sorolla is currently working as a freelance illustrator and is involved in various different projects. In spring 2013, he expects to officially present his own T-Shirt collection and fashion brand!

See more from Josep on Tumblr, his Curioos store, Behance, Facebook and on Twitter @sepedesign.

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