Edinburgh based Graphic Design Freelancer Jody Hogg

Not content with just working as a freelance graphic design, Jody Hogg is also completing her studies in a HND course at Edinburgh’s Telford College. Her graphic design stands for itself already, and we’re sure her skills will soon be in demand.

“Currently I’m a graphic design freelancer, while also attending a HND course at Edinburgh’s Telford College. With one more year to go, I plan to get some experience working with an established company before starting up my own business. I love speaking with people and really getting a solid idea of what they are looking for before taking on a project.

I think branding and typography really drive my passion in design, its so influential and have been really inspired by the affect it can have on people. It has the real ability to create a mood and spur emotion in people that I find fascinating! Since I have been studying I have learned a lot about typography and how to use it to create a tone of voice. Also how to push my originality, creative concepts and ideas. Editorial design is another aspect of design that I really enjoy! It’s a real test to take a block of text and make it into something that people not only want to look at but spend the time to read, something that people don’t have much tolerance for these days.”

Follow Jody Hogg on her Website, Behance and @jodyhogg on Twitter.

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