‘Nyssa Presents’ Fashion Collaboration

Fashion designer Nyssa Wheeler graduated with a BA (hons) in Design in 2008, and is amongst Nottingham’s finest along with her recent collaborators Steffany Rucci (make-up artist), Roks-Ann Roschana (model), and photographer Jenny Sneap on her latest project Nyssa Presents.

A couple of the girls met by chance and some through crossing paths in their field. They realised the benefits of pulling together this year for an exciting new project; “Nyssa is such a hard worker, we met last year-” explains Jenny, “It worked out amazingly and just proves how important it is to network. Since pulling together, me and Steffany have managed to work with a lot of new faces.”

Nyssa wheeler fashion design

nyssa presents

Nyssa Presents injects a sense of Underground in their fashion, reflecting genres that are still redefining and evolving their identity; Hip-hop, Retro, and 90s Grunge. And without losing a sense of these classic’s, N.P also boasts an alternative range of Dresses and Accessorising (shown off most in their Vintage Dolls Winter Collection).

nyssa presents - jenny sneap photography

Nyssa wheeler design

Although the past years’ 90s revival is nothing new to our high-streets, N.P shows us how it’s done with fresh, versatile designs. Their handmade tie-dyes, printed shirts, crop-tops and fantastic high- waist bleach Jeans have the perfect blend of femininity and ‘Anti-fashion’ from that decade (most of which wouldn’t look out of place on M.I.A’s bedroom floor). And London’s Witch-house scene will inevitably be raving in one of their Tees or sweatshirts from their new ‘ICON’ range.

Roschana’s beautifully androgynous and understated look completes the fearless, colourful designs; here finally captured through the eyes of Jenny Sneap, whose Live and Portraiture work has developed gracefully into more Fashion shoots with up-and-coming brands.

nyssa presents fashion project

jenny sneap photography - nyssa presents project

Together with Make-up Artist Steffany Rucci (trained by Colour Cosmetica in Adelaide, South Australia, and by celebrity Make-up Artist Claire Hanson last year), you can see the latest on what this eclectic team have produced so far this year.

-Words by Maxi Dead

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